Download Teenagers For Free NOW!

You can now download ‘Teenagers’ for free at:

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August Tour WIth WHO NEEDS YOU & New Record ‘Teenagers’



We’re going on tour again this summer. This time its through the Midwest. If you can help us with any of the dates, that would obviously rule. We will be touring on our new full length, ‘Teenagers.’

Check out our new record here:

July 30th: Bloomington, IN @ Ducks In A Sack w/ Who Needs You, Lion Eater

July 31st: Indianapolis, IN @ The Sinking Ship w/ Who Needs You, and Trophy Lungs

August 1st: Chicago, IL @ Gnarnia w/ Who Needs You, Boilerman

August 2nd: Milwaukee, WI @ Ground Zero w/ Who Needs You, Tenement, and Potty Mouth

August 3rd: Minneapolis, MN @ The Shack w/ Who Needs You, and the Turkletons

August 4th: Iowa City, IA @ Public Space One w/ Who Needs You, Lipstick Homicide, Comfort

August 5th: Kansas City, MO @ TBA

August 6th: Oklahoma City,OK @ Industrial Skatepark w/ Community Pools

August 7th: Denton, TX @ The Gatsby Mansion w/ The Half Truths, Christian Medrano

August 8th: Little Rock, AK @ TBA

August 9th: St. Louis, MO @ TBA w/ The Haddonfields

August 10th: Springfield, IL @ The Blacksheep w/ State Lines, Meredosia, War Magic, No Good News

August 11th: Columbus, OH @ TBA

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Download New Song: ‘New England Perks’

New England Perks

A new song, ‘New England Perks,’ from our new full length is now up for free download on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Mediafire!

Please download/check it out/listen and let us know what you think!

❤ John

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New Song from the New Record Tomorrow!


Tomorrow we’ll be releasing a brand new song from our new full length via Mediafire, Facebook, Soundcloud, bandcamp, etc… It’s not the final mix that will be appearing on the record, but god damn does it sound sick. We’re really stoked for ya’ll to hear it. Alex’s bass tone slays it. SLAYS.

In other news we’ll be playing at the Drink or Die Haus in Indianapolis on November 2nd with Masked Intruder and The Manix. Its a Friday night. We can drink keg beer or something. Come hang out.


❤ John

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We’re still gonna tour! Full Length News.

So, we got the transmission for our van rebuilt and we’re gonna make it out on our trek up to the Northeast. We’re really excited, but we’ve still got a lot of dates to secure. The asterisks indicates the dates for which we need a show still.


8/13: Richmond, VA*
8/14: Washington, D.C. @ Casa Fiesta w/ Like Bats
8/15: Philadelphia, PA @ TBA*
8/16: Long Island, NY @ TBA
8/17: Manchester, NH @ Louie’s Basement w/ Billy Raygun
8/18: Boston, MA @ Trouble Ahead w/ Peeple Watchin’
8/19: New Jersey @ Pallet Town
8/20: Pittsburgh, PA*
8/21: Athens, OH @ Sam’s House w/ TBA
In other news, we’re about one step away from having the full length record complete. We’re so excited. It sounds so god damn good. I’m sure we’ll be posting a song or two from it sooner or later.
Word. Stay Crucial.
-John 😀
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2012 Tour(s)

We’re heading out on a couple tours this summer with friends Billy Raygun and Rational Anthem! Here are the dates!

* = We need help really bad!

6/27 – Chattanooga TN w/ Billy Raygun*
6/28 – Memphis TN @ Crosstown Arts w/ Billy Raygun
6/29 – Houston TX w/ Billy Raygun*
6/30 – San Antonio TX @ The Korova w/ Billy Raygun, Blank Side

7/1 – Denton TX @ TBA w/ Billy Raygun
7/2 – Oklahoma City OK w/ Billy Raygun*
7/3 – Kansas City MO w/ Billy Raygun*
7/4 – Cedar Falls IA w/ Billy Raygun*
7/5 Columbus, OH w/ Rational Anthem, Delay
7/6 Cincinnati, OH, w/ Rational Anthem, Rubrics, Burning Bridges
7/7 Indianapolis, IN w/ Rational Anthem
7/8 Chicago IL, w/ Rational Anthem @ Some Fest TBA
7/9 Chicago IL, w/ Rational Anthem
7/10 Cincinnati, OH w/ Billy Raygun, Peeple Watchin’

8/13: Richmond, VA*
8/14: Washington, D.C. @ Casa Fiesta
8/15: Philadelphia, PA*
8/16: New York (State, or City, Wherever)*
8/17: Anywhere in New Hampshire*
8/18: Boston, MA*
8/19: Anywhere in New Jersey*
8/20: Baltimore, MD*
8/21: Pittsburgh, PA*

9/14 Stay Crucial Fest (hanging out) Greenville, SC
9/15 Stay Crucial Fest (Playing this day) Greenville, SC
9/16 Stay Crucial Fest (hanging out) Greenville, SC
Again, any help is greatly appreciated! Feel free to contact:

John Hoffman
(513) 415-4464

We’ll have copies of our new split with @Strong City with us!

Can’t wait to see everyone!!!!

Check out our facebook event page for the tours:

Check out Rational Anthem and Billy Raygun’s tour pages: (rational) (billy rg)

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All music back up for free again!

As you may or may not know, in the past 2 months or so, all of our files to our records had been taken off the internet by multinational corporations on the grounds of copyright infringement. When I emailed said corporations informing them that we were in fact the owners of the copyrights that they had claimed we were infringing upon, they failed to respond. IN FACT, the email account that I had used to send the email from was magically deactivated a week or so after I had sent the email. I feel that it is important to add that the same corporation who had brought about these allegations owns the email service from which my account was hosted.

In conclusion: fuck capitalism, fuck microsoft, fuck disney, fuck copyright, fuck america, fuck famous “musicians” who whine about not making enough money off of the songs that they didn’t write or record because people don’t feel like wasting 99 cents on their substance-less bull shit excuses of music.

That being said, you can now download all of our music again for free at:

Additionally, because of these events, we have a new contact email:

Stay punk.


More info on tour coming soon. June, July and August 😀


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