March Tour and Hip Kid Records

On Friday March 18th, we’ll be up north to Cleveland to begin our tour. We’re all really stoked on it. There’s literally nothing better in the world than to get to play for different people every night. I want to just give an early thanks to all of those people that helped with this upcoming tour. I can’t wait to listen to Nebraska by Bruce the entire tour.

In other sick news, Jim from Hip Kid Records will be putting out our new EP, ‘Spot Remover,’ onto cassette. Jim is a super sick dude from Illinois. He plays guitar and sings in Boilerman. Check them out. I fell in love with them the first time I saw them play because they busted out ’15 minutes’ by the Broadways.

I also can’t wait to see Kenny Dix again. Life Rules!

Here’s our tour dates:

March 18th – The Dag House (Cleveland, Ohio) w/ Two Hand Fools
March 19th – AU Kay Spiritual Center (Washington, D.C.) w/ Dead Mechanical, Real Talk, and No Brainer
March 20th – Charm City Art Space (Baltimore, MD) w/ Trashkanistan, The Lives to Come, Matt Pless and the Paper Airplane Design
March 21st – HELP!! anywhere in New Jersey, of PA would rule.
March 22nd – Death By Audio (New York) w/ Ritz Riot, Baby Erection, and The Finks
March 23rd – Danger Danger Gallery (Penns, PA) w/ New Creases, Delay, and Spraynard. Ohio takes over the world.

About Dead North

A three-piece pop punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Made of members from previous Cincinnati embarrassments Thee Alliance and Andy!!
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