New Demo, ‘Risk Analysis,’ Out Now!

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates recently.  We’re putting the final touches on our July tour currently, and working on a shit load of new songs. You can here our new demo, ‘Risk Analysis,’ on Idle and the Bear’s new blog comp. Download it from the blog’s Bandcamp page, here:

The comp’s tracklisting is as follows:

01. Dead North – Risk Analysis*
02. House Boat – Terminally Unique*
03. Arms Aloft – Comfort at Any Cost
04. Lisabi – Dó Maior
05. Black sails, Western Shores – Lullaby For The Working Class
06. Yonrinsha – Is It All Downhill?
07. Church & Chambers – This Reminds Me Of A Drinking Game I Played Once
08. Dads – Dan’s Christopher Walken Impersonation
09. Jay Tea – I Believe (in nothing)
10. The Credentials – Descending The Garbage Chute
11. Matt Wixson’s Flying Circus – They Can’t Fix Me*
12. Les Rasoirs Electriques – Qu’ai je à répondre
13. Direct Hit! – Werewolf Shame
14. DC Fallout – A Man Without A Country
15. A Billion Ernies – Gone
16. Tall Tales – The Big Salad OR My Boys Can Swim (acoustic)*
17. The Gateway District – Run Away
18. Chiense Telephones – thosehotmilwuakeenights
19. Avondale – Anything But Great*
20. Maladroit – There’s No I In DIY
21. The Spinoffs – Wilt Chamberlain (Fixed Gear Lovin’)
22. Jake Mcaulay – Growing Up Is For People Who Hate Peter Pan*
23. Magic Hammer – Feel better, Heather*
24. The Lollies – I Am a Malcontent
25. Signals Midwest – Monarchs*
26. Ghost Aviary – Chelsea*
27. The Creeps – Follow You Home
28. Dan Padilla – MNPLS
29. Caddywhompus – The Focus
30. Small Time Crooks – The Next Best Thing
31. The Steinways – Today Is The Day We Are Getting Married
32. Pretty Johnny – Le désespoir au bout du fil
33. That’s Incredbile – It’s All Good
34. Billy Wallace – Tucumcari*
35. Matt Pless – Dirty Needles*
36. The Plurals – Run
37. Dead City Radio – Like A Seizure
38. This Is My Nightmare – I Heard It’s Still Punk If It’s Sloppy Enough*
39. Stoned At Heart – Turn And Run Away
40. Hello Nurse – Hideaway
41. Mixtapes – The New Ride the Lightning

*Previously Unreleased

About Dead North

A three-piece pop punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Made of members from previous Cincinnati embarrassments Thee Alliance and Andy!!
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