Southern Tour! – Dec 12-23

We’re going out for ten days in December to the somewhat warmer south. We’re super stoked to play the south for the first time, as well as share a bunch of new music with our soon to be friends.

Here are the dates:

DEC 12: Cincinnati, OH @ Planet Kickflip w/ The Max Levine Ensemble
DEC 13: Lexington, KY @ Hammerhead House?
DEC 14: Greenville, SC @ TBA
DEC 15: Myrtle Beach, SC
DEC 16: Jacksonville, FL @ TBA w/ Caffiends
DEC 17: Orlando, FL @ TBA
DEC 18: Cocoa, FL @ TBA w/ Caffiends
DEC 19: Sarasota, FL @ TBA w/ Rational Anthem
DEC 20: Gainesville, FL or Tallahassee or Birmingham! Anything works!
DEC 21: Atlanta, GA @ The Poop Party Palace (Yes, this venue is real)
DEC 22: Chattanooga, TN

*The dates without a venue or TBA listing are dates in which we still need help 😦

In other news:

The writing of our full length has been going over really well! We’re really excited about how its sounding and its almost finished. At least the writing aspect of it, that is. But before the full length you should expect some physical releases of some demos, as well as a split with our buds, Strong City and John Hays.

About Dead North

A three-piece pop punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Made of members from previous Cincinnati embarrassments Thee Alliance and Andy!!
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