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May 25th Cincinnati, OH

May 31st Cincinnati, OH

June 7th Cincinnati, OH

July 5th Cedar Falls, IA

July 6th Minneapolis, MN

July 7th Milwaukee, WI

July 8th Chicago, IL

July 9th Lansing, MI

July 10th Lexington, KY

Welcome to the home page of Cincininnati pop punk trio, Dead North. Here you will find updates on all material related to the band, show information, and information on those close to the band.

     Our website is finally up! Hopefully we can keep on top of this, unlike everything else of our’s… Also… The cassette version of Spot Remover is now available from Hip Kid Records! Purchase either from us at a show, or purchase directly from the label’s website,
     Check out our newest blog post! It reveals our Tour dates for this coming July! You can read our blog at:



2 Responses to Bio

  1. Craig Craigerson says:

    You guys suck… forreal… no joke here

  2. Poon Tang Jim says:

    You guys probably get so much poon tang…. jealous

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