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Repossess This!
Repossess This! (January 2010)
Download: (7 mb)
This was our first release ever. It was recorded with two microphones in my bed room. I’m honestly not ashamed of it at all. I really like how it turned out.

1.) Waiting
2.) Parkour

Maybe Next Time – [Remastered] (May 2011)
This is the exact same as the previous ‘Maybe Next Time’, only it was remastered.

1.) Tonight Sucked.
2.) Golden Girls (Sry4Partyin’)
3.) Rita

Spot Remover (March 2011)
This is our third release. John Hoffman recorded it again, but again, the quality is better than both ‘Maybe Next Time’ and ‘Repossess This!’

1.) Spot Remover
2.) I Fell Hard
3.) Fallout

Risk Analysis [digital single] (June 2011)
This is a single that we originally released on music blog, Idle and the Bear’s digital compilation. This was recorded live, in one take, in John’s hot ass bedroom. Download the entire compilation here:

1.) Risk Analysis

2011 Winter Tour Cassette (December 2011)
Download: *Full Tape N/A; Letter Carrier Only
This is a cassette made up of demos from our upcoming full length, as well as reprises of a couple older songs. It was not intended to be put up for download on the internet, however, the first track ‘Letter Carrier’ is availble as a digital rip of the master cassette. These cassettes are hand numbered, mono, and dubbed onto transparent red and purple cassettes.

Purchase the leftovers of tour from: John Wilkes Booth Records, Hip Kid Records, or Ice Age Records.
1.) Letter Carrier (Download Here)
2.) Risk Analysis
3.) Throw It Away
4.) Spot Remover (Acostic Reprise)
5.) Parkour (Rerecorded)

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