Southern Tour Update!

DEC 12: Cincinnati, OH @ Planet Kickflip w/ The Max Levine Ensemble, Traveling (Members of Good Luck)
DEC 13: Washington, D.C. @ TBA w/ TBA
DEC 14: Charlottesville, Virginia @ The Twisted Branch Tea Bazzar w/ No Brainer
DEC 15: Greenville, SC @ Club Sammich w/ Jump Salty
DEC 16: Jacksonville, FL @ The Landshark Cafe w/ Caffiends
DEC 17: Orlando, FL @ Uncle Lou’s w/ Rational Anthem, Flashlights and The Areolas
DEC 18: Ft Lauderdale, FL @ The Monterey Club w/ Caffiends
DEC 19: Sarasota, FL @ the Danger House w/ Rational Anthem
DEC 20: Tallahassee, FL @ TBA HELP!
DEC 21: Atlanta, GA @ The Poop Party Palace (Yes, this venue is real) w/ The Bad Mammals and Champaign
DEC 22: Chattanooga, TN @ TBA

We just need help with a date in Tallahassee. We are willing to substitute that with anywhere in northwestern Florida, southern Georgia, or very very very southeastern Alabama.

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Southern Tour! – Dec 12-23

We’re going out for ten days in December to the somewhat warmer south. We’re super stoked to play the south for the first time, as well as share a bunch of new music with our soon to be friends.

Here are the dates:

DEC 12: Cincinnati, OH @ Planet Kickflip w/ The Max Levine Ensemble
DEC 13: Lexington, KY @ Hammerhead House?
DEC 14: Greenville, SC @ TBA
DEC 15: Myrtle Beach, SC
DEC 16: Jacksonville, FL @ TBA w/ Caffiends
DEC 17: Orlando, FL @ TBA
DEC 18: Cocoa, FL @ TBA w/ Caffiends
DEC 19: Sarasota, FL @ TBA w/ Rational Anthem
DEC 20: Gainesville, FL or Tallahassee or Birmingham! Anything works!
DEC 21: Atlanta, GA @ The Poop Party Palace (Yes, this venue is real)
DEC 22: Chattanooga, TN

*The dates without a venue or TBA listing are dates in which we still need help ūüė¶

In other news:

The writing of our full length has been going over really well! We’re really excited about how its sounding and its almost finished. At least the writing aspect of it, that is. But before the full length you should expect some physical releases of some demos, as well as a split with our buds, Strong City and John Hays.

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Risk Analysis Up for Download

Sorry to anyone who thought we were coming down south for tour! There was an unfortunate turn of events which lead up to us having to drop the tour entirely. In other news, a little while ago we released a new song of our’s on Idle and the Bear‘s blog comp This song was called Risk Analysis. Today I am posting the single .mp3 version of this song up for download. I hope you like it!

We’re hoping to make it down south this winter, and up north to Canada in the spring! but until then, we’ll be stuck here in lil’ Cincinnati.

Download the track here:

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Tour Fun!

Our July tour was fun! We had a blast in every city, but Iowa had to have taken the cake. Even the heat. Our little baby boy Jim Gies made us a delightful amount of vegan goodies in Chicago!

So here are our up coming LOCAL shows:

August 7th @ The 15th House (Columbus, Ohio) w/ Grown Ups, New Creases
August 8th @ Kicking It In Kenton Vale! Fest (3530 Decoursey Ave. Covington, KY 41015) w/ Xerxes, Shit loads of others
August 28th @ Baba Budans (Cincinnati, Ohio) w/ Bomb the Music Industry! and The Sidekicks

And here are our TOURING shows:

August 16 – TBA
August 17 – TBA
August 18 – Jacksonville, FL @ TBA*
August 19 – Pembroke Pines, FL @ TBA*
August 20 – Tampa, FL @ TBA*
August 22 – Birmingham, AL @ TBA*
August 23 – Nashville, TN @ TBA*

*w/ Another Band TBA

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Tour – July 5th thru July 10th

5th: Cedar Falls, Iowa @ The Space (109 East 2nd Street) with Lipstick Homicide (local) and Rational Anthem (Sarasota, Florida) and tba STARTS @ 6!
6th: Minneapolis, Minnesota @ TBA
7th: Milwaukee, Wisconsin @ 1735 North Warren Ave.
8th: Chicago, Illinois @ 3225 W. Mclean Ave w/ Sweet Talk and Derailer
9th: Columbus, INDIANA @ DiHi Records (903 Washington Street)
10th: Columbus, OHIO @ TBA

We’d love some help in Columbus, OH and Minnesota, MN!
Feel free to get in contact at: or 513.240.4831
Any help at all would rule!

Can’t wait to see everyone!

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New Demo, ‘Risk Analysis,’ Out Now!

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates recently.¬† We’re putting the final touches on our July tour currently, and working on a shit load of new songs. You can here our new demo, ‘Risk Analysis,’ on Idle and the Bear’s¬†new blog comp. Download it from the blog’s Bandcamp page, here:

The comp’s tracklisting is as follows:

01. Dead North – Risk Analysis*
02. House Boat – Terminally Unique*
03. Arms Aloft – Comfort at Any Cost
04. Lisabi РDó Maior
05. Black sails, Western Shores РLullaby For The Working Class
06. Yonrinsha РIs It All Downhill?
07. Church & Chambers РThis Reminds Me Of A Drinking Game I Played Once
08. Dads –¬†Dan’s Christopher Walken Impersonation
09. Jay Tea РI Believe (in nothing)
10. The Credentials РDescending The Garbage Chute
11.¬†Matt Wixson’s Flying Circus – They Can’t Fix Me*
12.¬†Les Rasoirs Electriques – Qu’ai je √† r√©pondre
13. Direct Hit! РWerewolf Shame
14. DC Fallout РA Man Without A Country
15. A Billion Ernies – Gone
16. Tall Tales РThe Big Salad OR My Boys Can Swim (acoustic)*
17. The Gateway District РRun Away
18. Chiense Telephones Рthosehotmilwuakeenights
19. Avondale РAnything But Great*
20.¬†Maladroit – There’s No I In DIY
21.¬†The Spinoffs – Wilt Chamberlain (Fixed Gear Lovin’)
22. Jake Mcaulay РGrowing Up Is For People Who Hate Peter Pan*
23. Magic Hammer РFeel better, Heather*
24. The Lollies РI Am a Malcontent
25. Signals Midwest РMonarchs*
26. Ghost Aviary РChelsea*
27. The Creeps РFollow You Home
28. Dan Padilla РMNPLS
29. Caddywhompus РThe Focus
30. Small Time Crooks – The Next Best Thing
31. The Steinways РToday Is The Day We Are Getting Married
32. Pretty Johnny РLe désespoir au bout du fil
33.¬†That’s Incredbile – It’s All Good
34. Billy Wallace РTucumcari*
35. Matt Pless РDirty Needles*
36. The Plurals РRun
37. Dead City Radio РLike A Seizure
38.¬†This Is My Nightmare – I Heard It’s Still Punk If It’s Sloppy Enough*
39. Stoned At Heart РTurn And Run Away
40. Hello Nurse – Hideaway
41. Mixtapes – The New Ride the Lightning

*Previously Unreleased

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Spot Remover Cassette Now Available!

The cassette version of ‘Spot Remover’ is finally out! You can order them online from Jim Gies at They look beautiful. We can’t wait to get out on tour again this summer!

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July Tour!

Our show in Columbus, Indiana ruled last night! But hey ya’ll, we’re touring the midwest again this July. Here are the potential, but most likely the final cities and days that we’ll be playing. More info to come on them soon.

If you would like to help us out with any of the tour dates, email us at:!

July 5th – Cedar Falls, Iowa
July 6th – Minneapolis, Minnesota
July 7th – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
July 8th – Chicago, Illinois
July 9th – Lansing, Michigan
July 10th – Indian/Kentucky/Ohio/Don’t know yet

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‘Maybe Next Time’ Remastered. Tapes from Hip Kid!

‘Maybe Next Time’ was way too quiet, didn’t have enough bass, and was lacking other cool stuff. So I remastered it! You can download it again at:¬†

The Spot Remover tapes are at the press right now! ¬†We should have them in about two weeks. We’re super excited about it. Check out Jim’s post at:¬†

Also, check out the t-shirt we’re making! There’s going to be a super short run of these shirts, but they’re all screen printed by us in my parents laundry room!

Lady Gaga’s Judas video comes out today. Beyond stoked for that.

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Tour, Tapes, Idle and the Bear

Dead North in D.C.

Hey! Sorry I haven’t been updating this at all lately. I got super lazy. Anyway…¬†So our tour was incredible! We got to meet a lot of sick kids and see a bunch of cool shit. I, personally, thought that Philly was the coolest city. But that’s just me…

So our Spot Remover tapes from Hip Kid Records should be in soon! We’re all really excited to get them. Jim is sick for doing them for us. We’re working on a bunch of new stuff at the moment. Not really sure what it is we’re going to do, but nonetheless I’m excited.

We’ve got some upcoming shows. We’re most likely going to end up playing a ton of shows in May. But for right now:

  • April 24th @ The Witler House (4114 Witler St. Cincinnati, Ohio) w/ MIXTAPES, and NIGHTLIGHTS 9pm $5
  • May 18th @ The Carabar (Columbus, OH) w/ STRONG CITY

One last thing… Our friend Ben from the music blog Idle and the Bear, did a really sick interview of both Maybe Next Time and Spot Remover. Check it our here.

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