Tour, Tapes, Idle and the Bear

Dead North in D.C.

Hey! Sorry I haven’t been updating this at all lately. I got super lazy. Anyway… So our tour was incredible! We got to meet a lot of sick kids and see a bunch of cool shit. I, personally, thought that Philly was the coolest city. But that’s just me…

So our Spot Remover tapes from Hip Kid Records should be in soon! We’re all really excited to get them. Jim is sick for doing them for us. We’re working on a bunch of new stuff at the moment. Not really sure what it is we’re going to do, but nonetheless I’m excited.

We’ve got some upcoming shows. We’re most likely going to end up playing a ton of shows in May. But for right now:

  • April 24th @ The Witler House (4114 Witler St. Cincinnati, Ohio) w/ MIXTAPES, and NIGHTLIGHTS 9pm $5
  • May 18th @ The Carabar (Columbus, OH) w/ STRONG CITY

One last thing… Our friend Ben from the music blog Idle and the Bear, did a really sick interview of both Maybe Next Time and Spot Remover. Check it our here.

About Dead North

A three-piece pop punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Made of members from previous Cincinnati embarrassments Thee Alliance and Andy!!
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