All music back up for free again!

As you may or may not know, in the past 2 months or so, all of our files to our records had been taken off the internet by multinational corporations on the grounds of copyright infringement. When I emailed said corporations informing them that we were in fact the owners of the copyrights that they had claimed we were infringing upon, they failed to respond. IN FACT, the email account that I had used to send the email from was magically deactivated a week or so after I had sent the email. I feel that it is important to add that the same corporation who had brought about these allegations owns the email service from which my account was hosted.

In conclusion: fuck capitalism, fuck microsoft, fuck disney, fuck copyright, fuck america, fuck famous “musicians” who whine about not making enough money off of the songs that they didn’t write or record because people don’t feel like wasting 99 cents on their substance-less bull shit excuses of music.

That being said, you can now download all of our music again for free at:

Additionally, because of these events, we have a new contact email:

Stay punk.


More info on tour coming soon. June, July and August 😀


About Dead North

A three-piece pop punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Made of members from previous Cincinnati embarrassments Thee Alliance and Andy!!
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